Apple Watch will automatically lock when stolen

Apple Watch will automatically lock when stolen

Even after getting our hands on with the Apple Watch we still have a lot of questions about Apple's first wearable, for example, what happens if a thief gets their hands on it?

They wouldn't just be absconding with a $349 smartwatch, but also your iTunes account and credit cards though Apple Pay.

Cult of Mac claims users can rest easier because the Apple Watch will automatically lock whenever the user takes off their watch. Supposedly the Apple Watch has sensors on its backside that will detect when it's not being worn and locks down the payment options behind a passcode as a security measure.

Of course, it's possible the wearable thief could also crack your passcode, but there will likely be some sort of added "Find my Apple Watch" security that allows users to remotely wipe their smartwatch.

Secrets revealed
Apple may have given its first smartwatch a big introduction by even calling it the "one more thing" of the iPhone 6 keynote, but we're still learning much more about the Apple Watch every day.

An Apple spokesperson revealed on September 10 users should expect to recharge their wearable every night.

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