Renault Releases Global Digital Strategy First in India

Renault Launches Global Digital Strategy First in India

Renault has launched a new digital identity which offers a seamless experience to customers accessing the website through the mobile, tablet and desktops. The new platform is the first Renault-Nissan Alliance digital initiative.

According to the French car manufacturer, the cyber world is becoming an evolving entity and the company is keeping up with it to give their consumers a unique experience. This new digital identity makes it extremely easy for a first time user to navigate through the various sections and get a comprehensive understanding of Renault's offerings in India.

India is the first country where this global strategy is launched and this will be replicated in Renault operations across the globe. The website is built on a service-oriented platform where the data and services are available across different channels.

It is completely hosted on the cloud with the main infrastructure hosted in multiple regions. Renault wants its user to be up to date with the results and news from their stable and this digital strategy is the right bait for new consumers.

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