Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear review

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear review

Sennheiser has expanded its Momentum series of premium headphones by launching the In Ear earphones. The Momentum headphones are known for their premium build quality and high-end sound. Is the In-Ear version capable of delivering the same quality to mid-range? We try to find out... 


Just like their headphone counterparts, the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear earphones look good albeit a little understated. The use of black and red colour sets them apart from other in ear models. 

The elliptical cable is red and black on either sides and is attached with the earphones through a metal plate that sports the Sennheiser logo. Thanks to the cable's design it's tangle-free saving you trouble and time. 

There's a three button remote which also features a microphone for calls. The remote has three buttons for volume control, music playback and taking calls. 

The ear-canal phones feature proprietary transducer technology developed by Sennheiser. There are custom-machined stainless steel acoustic pipes that deliver the sound. The earphones come with ear adapters in two different sizes to fit different ear sizes and provide attenuation from ambient noise. 

The outer shell features a high-gloss red polycarbonate casing that looks metallic. The shells are not very heavy and pretty comfortable to wear. It's just that you'll need to make sure the slightly angular buds fit properly by using the correct eartip adapters. There are four pairs of adapters in the box. 

The earphones come with a very nice zip-up carry case that features a removable placeholder which lets you tug in the earphones and wrap its cable around.


Performance & sound quality
We tested the earphones on a Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. On the Nexus 5, we encountered some issues as loudness levels were not optimum even though we had the Android version of the earphones as our review unit. However, we did not face any such niggles while using them with the Note Edge. 

We have to say that Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones offer excellent bass without distortion at high volume levels. Kanye West's Love Lockdown's initial three beat pounding sounds rich complete with the change in pitch. EDM junkies would also love how the beat takes over powerfully. We had a fun time listening to our Cardio playlist that features mixes by Tiesto and Calvin Harris. 

The Momentum is certainly an attractive buy for bass lovers.


The earphones also focus a lot on treble and we had a great time listening to Yanni's Nightingale, which is full of high-pitched notes. The vocals (especially in high notes) and flute take centre stage. 

The mid-range frequencies are also dealt with the same refinement and vocal textures sound rich with the perfect tone. However, mids are a little recessed and not as emphasised as the lows and highs. Sometimes, the earphones can sound too bright (higher treble levels) but overall, the sound quality and clarity delivered by them is excellent, especially considering these are in-ear headphones. 


At Rs 6,990, the Momentum In Ear earphones are not very affordable but if you're a bass junky and love rich lows and vibrant highs, and don't mid the focus on treble, these are a really good buy. In fact, these earphones can give some larger headsets a run for their money. Just be careful to pick up the right version of the earphones (depending on your smartphone) when you buy them.


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