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Top Five Microwave Oven, Panasonic 28 Litres NNC784 Convection Microwave Oven,

Top 5 Microwaves

LG 30 Litres MC-8082 Convection Oven (Red)
LG 30 Litres MC-8082 Convection Oven (Red)

Get the perfect liberty to cook the way you want with this LG microwave convection oven. The LG 30 Litres MC-8082 Convection Oven (Red) combines grill and convection functions that give you multiple cooking options. This oven has a huge capacity of 30 litres that helps you prepare food for your entire family without having to depend on other cooking devices. This full featured oven comes with a 101 Indian auto cook menu and offers you plenty of cooking options like grilling, steaming, and baking among others. Its unique defrosting feature will help you defrost frozen food, meat, and fruits. Its stainless steel cavity retains heat to ensure that no food is left uncooked. It will prove to be an addition to any modern kitchen with its vibrant colour and elegant style.

Why buy?

  • 30 litre capacity
  • Multi cooking options
  •  Indian Auto Cook menu
  • Defrosting feature
  • Grill and convection features
  • Stainless steel cavity
Panasonic 28 Litres NNC784
Panasonic 28 Litres NNC784 Convection Microwave Oven

Chic looking with a drop down door design and silvery colour, this Panasonic 28 Litres NNC784 Convection Microwave Oven is the perfect kitchen appliance to make everyday cooking easier and quicker. It comes with a 28-litre capacity that will help you cook food for your entire family. It is built with a stainless steel cavity that retains heat for even cooking of food. The oven consists of a 250 mm turntable, 6 preset menu, and a feather touch programme panel that will enable you to cook your food with ease. You will not have to waste your time by guessing timings and temperature. The microwave consumes 1000 watts of power to cook your food in a jiffy. Equipped with an Inventor turbo defrost, it is now possible to defrost frozen foods twice as fast.

Why buy?

  • Easy and quick cooking options
  • 28 Litres capacity
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • 6 Preset menu
  • Feather touch programme panel
  • 350mm turntable
  • 1000 Watts of power
Croma 28 Litres CRAM0121 Convection Microwave Oven
Croma 28 Litres CRAM0121 Convection Microwave Oven

Equipped with innovative features that make cooking easy and quick, this Croma 28 Litre CRAM0121 Convection Microwave Oven is ideally designed for your kitchen needs. This microwave comes with a large capacity of 28 litres and a multi stage cooking feature that you will find quite useful. You can select the auto defrost function to defrost the frozen stuffs such as meat and fruits so that you can consume them with ease. It is enabled with an automatic cooking mode which lets you cook food automatically. It consists of the 10 preset menus, 5 variable cooking power levels, and program panel which will let you prepare food without you having to attend to the oven while cooking. It will also help you save your time which you can use for other purposes. It is built with the child lock safety feature that is useful if your family has kids. They will not be able to open it and thus will remain safe. The child lock ensures additional safety.

Why buy?

  • It has 28 Litres capacity
  • Quick defrost function
  • Enabled with 10 Preset menu
  • It has 5 Variable cooking power levels
  • Fitted with Child lock
Samsung 28 Litres CE108MDF-S
Samsung 28 Litres CE108MDF-S Convection Oven

Cooking a wholesome meal for your family members is just a matter of few minutes with the Samsung CE108MDF-S Microwave. Enabled with a fast preheat function, 3 cooking stages, and 6 power levels, it provides you the ultimate cooking solution by helping you prepare tasty food for your family. It is aesthetically designed to blend with the décor of your kitchen and has a capacity of 28 litres. Now you will not have to waste your time by guessing cooking timings and temperature. Just select from the auto menu and you are ready to go. The microwave comes with 61 ‘auto-menu’ functions to help you prepare food very fast. It will help you bake, grill, steam, and carry out a variety of other cooking functions. Its ceramic enamel cavity retains heat to evenly cook all food items so that you can make wholesome and tasty food. This microwave can be easily steam-cleaned.

Why buy?

  • Steam, Bake, Grill
  • 3 cooking stages
  • 6 power levels
  • 61 auto menu functions
  • ceramic enamel cavity
  • Adds to the decor of kitchen
Whirlpool Magicook 30 Litres 30C Convection Microwave
Whirlpool Magicook 30 Litres

Now steaming veggies, baking cakes, and grilling chicken will be quick and easy. Designed with a large capacity of 30 litres, the Whirlpool Magicook 30 C Convection Microwave Oven will help you cook delicious dishes for your family. The microwave oven is equipped with ten power levels and four auto roast menus for baking and roasting dishes like cake and chicken. The auto cook menus will be activated just by pressing the button. This convection oven consists of a special top and back heaters and a recessed turntable measuring 314 mm. The oven also has a cavity for heat retention which helps in cooking food evenly and can defrost the food quickly as well. The oven is capable of advanced cooking and browning. It lets you cook in both solo and grill modes so that you have better options of cooking a variety of foods.

Why buy?

  • Quick and easy cooking of food
  • Capacity of 30 litres
  • Quick defrost
  • 10 power levels
  • Four auto roast menus
  • 134 mm turntable
  • Top and back heaters
  • can cook in solo and grill modes

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